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When you combine the thrill of competition
with the fun of a bounce house you get
Obstacle Course Rentals in Hartford CT!

Tent Rentals in Hartford CT offers an array of obstacle course rentals that are sure to please any group! Quick to inflate but they provide hours of athletic, bouncy fun. Kids love the the different obstacles to overcome and if you get more than one person, game on! you have a race!
One of our more popular units is the 40’ Monster Obstacle Course. At 40 feet long, there is more than enough road to run here. Kids will enjoy competing to see who can finish this monster first and then can even run it back again. Nothing gets a teenager’s birthday going like an obstacle course rental from Tent Rentals in Hartford CT. Bigger than a bounce house and teenager approved, here is an activity that will keep the gang busy for hours. Another rental that kids and adults enjoy is the Adrenaline Rush II. It is one of our bigger units and is sure to be a challenge for those up to running it. Many schools and colleges have rented out this unit, knowing that it was just right for the field day or event that they had planned for the day. From the rock wall climb, to the log obstacles to the double slide finish at the end, it is an exhilarating rush for the competitors brave enough to compete against one another for the bragging rights of fastest course runner of the day! Scroll through the rest of our selection of obstacle courses and when you find one that looks interesting, call us at (860) 634-5515 and our team will help you place your order of the most exciting part of your next party or event!


Adrenaline Rush II Obstacle Course
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Adrenaline Rush II is an inflatable obstacle course that offers
six different combinations to challenge competitors and make teams
work hard for the win. The center of the course has players going through pop ups and then over a double climb and then has them sliding, climbing
and crawling to the finish line. It is a very bright and colorful course that
is sure to be a big hit at any event.

Double Rush Obstacle Course

Double Rush has two opponents rushing through tunnels,
going over log jams and climbing on rock walls in order to finish first. 

40 Foot Backyard Obstacle Course

The Backyard Obstacle Course is 40 feet of entertaining fun as participants
go through tunnels, climb around horizontal and vertical pop-ups and go through climbing and descending challenges all the way through to the end. There are mesh windows so adults can follow participants along on the journey and is designed for kids of all ages.

40’ Monster Obstacle Course

40’ Monster Dual Lane

80’ Monster Obstacle Course 

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The Longest Obstacle Course in New England!

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