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Hartford in the summer can get hot! We have the perfect way to help you and your family and friends cool off. Tent Rentals in Hartford CT has the regions coolest selection of inflatable water slides to keep your group cool and having fun in those hot summer days. We have tall slides, slides with more than one lane, slides attached to bounce houses and more! All of our units are clean and ready to rent for just about any event.
We have slides for every type of event. School and colleges rent from us because they know we have they water slides that the kids want. The Double Splash Water Slide has two amazing sliding lanes that run down either side of the big, bright inflatable. The Big Kahuna Water Slide has one huge lane and is 18 feet of humongous sliding fun! Imagine the looks on all of the kids at the birthday party when they run out into the backyard and see the enormous Big Kahuna waiting there for them. Now that’s a party they won’t forget! Tent Rentals in Hartford CT has rented water slides to hundreds of parties and knows what the enjoy. We keep the most popular water slide units in stock and keep them clean for the next party that is looking for a wet and wild time. Speaking of wet & wild, why not try out our Wet & Wild Slip & Slide? If you remember the long yellow sheet of plastic stretched out in the backyard, that you had from your childhood, this is the same concept, but to the extreme! This new unit is one the kids were raving about at last year’s parties. Now you can see what all the excitement is about and rent this unit today.

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